Thank You for 20 Years

Not Just Video. Vision.

As we celebrate our 20th Anniversary this month, we at Lytx Inc. would like to thank you for trusting us to help you protect more than 850,000 drivers worldwide. Without you, we wouldn’t be here today.

When our company began 20 years ago, our vision was to create a technology that would help save lives. In 1998, there were 41,480 deaths on U.S. highways, more than 60 times the number of aviation fatalities. And yet, unlike aviation, which had “black boxes” that could help the industry understand what happened, no such tool existed for fatalities that occurred on our roads. We set out to change that. We built a video event recorder that could help show exactly what happened. It helped to answer questions that were previously unanswerable. The recorder was part of what we called the Driving Feedback System, because what good is knowledge if it doesn’t lead to change? It wasn’t just video that drove us during our first 10 years, but a vision to ignite the changes that would make the world a safer place.

But we weren’t satisfied. We wanted to do more. So we spent the last 10 years figuring out how to get our safety technology out there at scale so we could protect more drivers at more companies, in more sectors, and in configurations that worked for every client. That meant DriveCam technology couldn’t be a one-size-fits-all DIY tool. Safety is more important than that, more personal than that. So we offered video services and used scale to make it affordable and work more seamlessly for everyone. We took all the raw video, showed you the most meaningful moments happening in your particular organization, and turned them into insights you can use. That took working side-by-side with you as your technology partner, working with you to accomplish your goals.

I’m deeply humbled to be able to say that, thanks to your efforts in integrating DriveCam technology into your safety programs, there are thousands of people who are with us who might otherwise have perished in a collision. It’s that thought, more than any other, that makes me excited to come to work every day. Our second decade wasn’t just about video. It’s about your vision to save lives.

Because so many of you trust Lytx to be your technology partner, we’ve been able to grow tremendously this past year. I’m excited to report that we achieved a new video telematics industry record – 300,000 new subscriptions booked over three consecutive years. Lytx is the only video telematics company in the world with this record performance.

After pioneering video telematics 20 years ago, we now have more than 2,500 organizations that trust us to be their partners in safety, to give them not just video, but the vision to help them prevent accidents, keep people safe, improve operations.

Today, we stand before another threshold of video technology. The next 10 years will be about machine vision combined with machine learning to give you more visibility into your fleet operations to help you be more efficient, find ways to better serve your customers, and keep your workers safe.

We call our next-generation solution Lytx Video Services. It leverages our proprietary cloud architecture to make smarter and more thorough decisions about which events are significant. It’s capable of learning what’s important to you. This allows us to be more timely, more efficient, and more thorough, We can see more things and look at more trends. Today, we can detect 82 behaviors with current technologies. Tomorrow, we’ll be able to use machine learning to capture more behaviors faster and add new ones. You’ll be able to train our models to detect just about anything, and you’ll be limited only by your imagination.

What will it be? We look forward to working with you for many years to come to find out what matters most to you as you take your vision to the next level.


With gratitude,

Brandon Nixon

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