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Pierce Transit, WA employs over 500 operators and the transit agency prides itself on the level of skill and professionalism of their operators. But, over a period of time, even the best employees can get complacent. Noticing a rise in incidents, Pierce Transit leaders started their search for behavior influencing systems. 

Learn why Pierce Transit chose Lytx, how they achieved getting full buy-in from all operators, and how they saw immediate results just a month into their program. Now, their operators take full ownership of their behaviors and are on a continuous improvement plan to gain momentum toward their safety goals, and do it daily. 

MV Transportation Success Story
MV Transportation Success Story

Stephanie Weber and her team at MV Transportation sought to improve their safety program by using analytics...

Pierce Transit - Case Study
Pierce Transit - Case Study

Pierce Transit lowers risk and improves passenger safety by coaching driver behaviors.

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