Driving Behavior Myths Busted: Technicians

A lot can happen when your mobile workforce is driving from job to job every day. Take a look at this infographic to understand myths about technicians' driving behaviors and see real-life examples of some risky behaviors captured by Lytx DriveCam devices.

  • Myth #1: It's okay for technicians to eat and smoke while driving to their next appointment
  • Myth #2: Collisions are due to technicians speeding or using cell phones while driving

A Lytx video solution provides you with the insights you need to help reduce some of these risky driving behaviors. 

The Lytx Fleet Tracking Service Explained
The Lytx Fleet Tracking Service Explained

See how the Lytx Fleet Tracking Service works in this short video.

The Lytx Advantage
The Lytx Advantage

Our clients answer the question: "Why Lytx?"

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