Lytx Driver Safety Program

What does it take to reduce risk, prevent collisions, and improve fleet performance?

A safer fleet starts with prepared drivers. And that’s where Lytx comes in.

Our Driver Safety Program combines video-based coaching, comprehensive reports, and renowned Lytx support. It’s our most powerful way to reduce unsafe driving- helping make your fleet safer by helping drivers to recognize their risky habits and correct them—before a collision occurs.

Here’s how it works:

Throughout the day, Lytx DriveCam event recorders capture driving that may be risky, sending information about those events to Lytx, where our advanced technology filters out irrelevant events and uncovers risk in your fleet.

Then, our professional analysts review hours of footage to reliably identify over 60 risky behaviors…

Then, select events are prioritized and sent to your Lytx account.

From there, our step-by-step workflow helps you coach in just a few minutes, helping you to improve driving habits and change driver behavior. This proven formula also includes detailed reports that show you where to focus to achieve your goals.

You can even access continual video anywhere you’re connected—in minutes—as an option for more peace of mind in case of a low or no impact incident.

With Lytx there to support you every step of the way, you’ll have our most comprehensive approach to improving fleet safety.

Built on over 20 years of innovation. Backed by industry best practices. Proven to help your good drivers become great.

See for yourself how the Lytx Driver Safety Program can transform your fleet. Book a demo.

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