Lytx Data Shows More Collisions Occur at or Below 5 MPH

Lytx data shows more collisions at or below 5mph

You might think that driving below 5MPH means you're in the clear for collisions, but that's actually not the case. A recent analysis of Lytx client data revealed that more collisions occurred at or below 5 miles per hour compared to any other speed. 

Lytx data shows:

  • 20% of recorded collisions and 12% of recorded near-collisions in private and public sector fleets occur at speeds below 5 mph.
  • On average, private and public sector drivers are involved in collisions 3.8 times more often at speeds below 5 mph than at any speed between 6 and 80 mph.
  • On average, there are twice as many near-collisions at speeds below 5 mph than at any speed between 6 and 80 mph.

These findings align with figures from the National Safety Council indicating more than 50,000 collisions occur in parking lots and garage structures annually — resulting in 500 or more fatalities and over 60,000 injuries.

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