Innovation as a Business Focus


What does it take to be innovative?

The answer is not so simple. Uri Neren, CEO of Innovators International, said at the IIT Institute of Design Strategy Conference at Spertus Institute. last year, “We found 190-plus different definitions for innovation, and they’re all right.” For that reason, it’s not enough for a business to say it’s about innovation—but to clarify exactly what aspect of innovation it pursues.

Neren identifies the fundamental components of innovation in a Forbes article. They include transformative change and creating human behavior change. Both of these components carry a clearly defined goal that enables companies to answer questions about what they do with a positive statement like “we save lives.”

Another element of innovation that sometimes gets overlooked, according to Neren, is “understanding the behavior and drivers of your intended audience, and the problem you are trying to solve.” Without that frame to direct research and development, all the experimentation and creativity in pursuit of something new won’t have much value.

Those qualities of innovation – transformative change, creating human behavior change, and the simple declarative solution to a problem – are found at Lytx, where forward-thinking technology is applied to the specific problems related to risky driving behavior. Innovation is not a nebulous concept, but a driving force to achieve the company’s defined goal.

“If driver behavior is the primary reason for traffic crashes, then approaches that pinpoint and focus on reducing risky driving behavior are likely to be the most effective in reducing crashes,” Dr. Jeffrey Hickman observed in a 2014 Virginia Tech Study that examined the positive impact of video-based safety solutions.

As human error accounts for 90 percent of collisions, innovating to prevent error-prone behavior can significantly reduce collisions. By keeping focused on the behaviors and conditions that cause the problem, as well as our goal to save lives, Lytx has come up with truly innovative fleet management solutions.



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