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Product Innovation Update 4Q20

Get an overview of the latest features and updates to the Lytx product portfolio from the Lytx product marketing team:

  • Driver alerts (1:38) -  real-time alerts for distraction, seat belt, speeding, following distance, lane departure, and more risky driving behaviors.
  • Manager tools (6:15) - view duration and percentage of time a driver was engaged in a risky behavior.
  • Risk ID without recording (7:08) - manage distracted driving while respecting driver privacy

Fleet tracking features:

  • New fleet tracking service map (8:50)
  • Improved editing and performance in geofences (10:12)
  • Fleet Tracking Vehicle Labels (11:37)
  • Idle Violation details (12:55)


  • The Lytx + Idelic Integration (13:50)

Driver Safety Program Update:

  • Custom Behavior Scores (16:00)
  • Sharing Events (16:40)

For any questions about these features, please contact your account representative.