The Hallmark of a Successful Video-based Safety Program

The Hallmark of a Successful Video-based Safety Program

Over the course of nearly two decades, we’ve learned what gives our DriveCam® video-based safety program the opportunity to make the biggest and most positive impact and it boils down to one key factor: making the safety program a top organizational priority.

“In the first couple of weeks after deploying a video-based safety program, a fleet might have success because the drivers will change their behaviors to avoid triggering the video,” explained Del Lisk, vice president of safety services for Lytx. “However, if there’s no feedback from management, drivers may start to ignore the flashing light indicating an unsafe driving event, and the impact will fade over time.”

In fact, Lisk said companies that neglected to provide timely feedback and coaching on video-captured behaviors found that those behaviors often resurfaced in a matter of weeks.

“Any safety program, including the DriveCam program, suffers with a ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ approach,” he said.

The most successful programs that Lisk has seen are those where leadership is engaged. They set expectations from the start so that everyone understands their roles, responsibilities and key performance indicators. When fleet supervisors know the metrics they’ll be measured on, and drivers understand that DriveCam video combined with coaching can actually make them better at their jobs and even help exonerate them, they’re more likely to see video as a positive addition to their daily routine.

Timely coaching as close to when the video of the driving behavior is captured, helps create a sense of urgency, and communicates to the driver that improving the behavior is a priority. It also telegraphs to the rest of the team that safety is an organizational priority. Like anything worth doing, getting the most from your DriveCam program takes time, effort and focus. And every time a driver arrives at their destination safely, you’ll know it’s worth it.


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