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Video Clips Add Value to Company-Wide Safety Initiatives

Some DriveCam program users are employing video in especially innovative ways to improve the safety culture both inside and outside their fleets. Lytx client success managers describe some of their favorites: 

Video Sends a Message. One Lytx client uses DriveCam program video clips to highlight safe driving to its entire team over lunch. The company edits video clips to protect the drivers’ identities, and adds a text overlay to underscore a safety message. They then share those select video clips on big screens in their 140 break rooms in the United States and Canada. “It’s safety culture enhancement,” said Lytx Client Success Manager Andrew Scott, who says this client highlights a different safety message each month, from seat belts to curbing distracted driving.

By airing the videos, the company is powerfully conveying the message that safety is a priority, he said. Airing the videos at lunchtime allows employees to discuss the videos with one another, making them even more invested in safety — and in each other.



Recognizing Employees at a Company-wide Safety Summit. Publicly honoring drivers for their safe driving successes – as revealed by the DriveCam program — is a great way to generate employee loyalty and engagement. When employees believe their work is valued, it boosts their job satisfaction and productivity.

Highlighting safe driving and drivers’ acts of heroism through the media. There’s no more public way to honor great drivers than through local media. In their conversations with the media, one Lytx client makes sure to mention drivers who have demonstrated exceptionally safe driving or acts of heroism on the road.  By bringing their safest drivers to the media’s attention, the company shows its gratitude — and helps keeps drivers motivated.

Manual Record Button to Capture Training Videos. Some companies really get creative in how they use the DriveCam event recorder’s manual record button. EMS personnel at one company set off the manual trigger as they approach an emergency scene, then the training department highlights the best approaches during onboarding training.

For more great ideas on how your company can tailor the Driver Safety Program to meet your organization’s unique needs, check out the Lytx Resource Hub.



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