Lytx videos on improving safety and efficiency using video telematics

  • Self-Installation Video: Event Recorder + OBD-II1:42

    Self-Installation Video: Event Recorder + OBD-II

    Instructional video of how clients can self-install Lytx Event Recorders and OBD-II cabling.

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  • Feature Focus: Lytx Driver Check In Tools1:15

    Feature Focus: Lytx Driver Check In Tools

    Lytx Driver check-in tools empower your drivers to quickly review distracted or unsafe driving —with little or no manager intervention.

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  • Feature Focus: Lytx API Overview3:33

    Feature Focus: Lytx API Overview

    The Lytx® Application Programming Interface (API) services let you reliably send and receive information between the Lytx platform and your internal systems or third-party services.

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  • Feature Focus: Diagnostic Trouble Codes1:34

    Feature Focus: Diagnostic Trouble Codes

    Watch to see how Lytx's new Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) feature can provide you with the information you need to keep your fleet and vehicles in top condition.

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  • Feature Focus: Hub + Aux Walk Through1:01

    Feature Focus: Hub + Aux Walk Through

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  • A Message from Brandon Nixon, Lytx Chairman and CEO2:30

    A Message from Brandon Nixon, Lytx Chairman and CEO

    2020 forced us to learn to be flexible and adaptable in ways we never knew existed. Brandon Nixon, Lytx chairman, and CEO shares what's ahead for Lytx and our clients in 2021.

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  • Driver-Powered Safety Features1:18

    Driver-Powered Safety Features

    New driver-powered safety features give drivers the ability to correct risky driving on their own through real-time alerts and the new Lytx Driver App. See how these features can help your fleet

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  • The Lytx Integration Network1:38

    The Lytx Integration Network

    Find out how Lytx can seamlessly integrate with your other fleet maintenance and vehicle technologies.

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  • Feature Focus: Fleet Tracking Map1:26

    Feature Focus: Fleet Tracking Map

    Explore the Lytx Fleet Tracking Service map.

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  • Feature Focus: Fleet Tracking Insights1:36

    Feature Focus: Fleet Tracking Insights

    Gain knowledge and efficiency with Fleet Tracking Insights

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  • Lytx Compliance Services0:43

    Lytx Compliance Services

    See how Lytx Compliance Services can help you streamline your DOT data and reduce violations

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  • Detect and Prevent Risky Driving with Lytx1:40

    Detect and Prevent Risky Driving with Lytx

    Every day, companies like yours rely on Lytx to help detect and prevent distracted and risky driving. Watch this short video to get a quick overview of how it works.

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  • Feature Focus: Geofencing1:07

    Feature Focus: Geofencing

    Geofencing helps you stay aware of your vehicle status and know when a vehicle enters or exits a designated area.

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  • Lytx + Idelic Integration1:07

    Lytx + Idelic Integration

    Watch this short video to learn about the Lytx - Idelic integration.

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  • Feature Focus: Vehicle Management0:47

    Feature Focus: Vehicle Management

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  • Feature Focus: Positive Recognition0:58

    Feature Focus: Positive Recognition

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  • Feature Focus: Device Health0:50

    Feature Focus: Device Health

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  • Feature Focus: Driver Safety Insights1:13

    Feature Focus: Driver Safety Insights

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  • MV Transportation Success Story2:16

    MV Transportation Success Story

    Stephanie Weber and her team at MV Transportation sought to improve their safety program by using analytics and technology. See how they leverage Lytx to continue raising the bar for since 2005.

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  • Feature Focus: Driver-tagged Events1:08

    Feature Focus: Driver-tagged Events

    Highlight events when they happen with Driver Tagged Events.

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