Lytx ActiveVision Service - Help Stop Drowsy and Distracted Driving

For any long-haul driver, hours on the road can start to take their toll. A costly incident can occur in the blink of an eye, making drowsy or distracted driving even riskier for drivers, the companies they work for, and vehicles who share our roads. 

Lytx ActiveVision Service -- a DriveCam Safety Program Enhancement

Paired with the Lytx DriveCam safety program, the ActiveVision service can help you identify and correct drowsy and distracted driving habits across your fleet before they result in a collision. The ActiveVision technology works with the DriveCam program to combine in-vehicle driver alerts with video coaching so that you can help prepare your drivers to avoid risk and change their driving habits for the long haul. This is critical for the adoption of a successful fleet safety program

Here’s How It Works

While the DriveCam program captures and tracks swerving, hard braking, and collisions, the ActiveVision program enhancement detects additional vehicle movements and subtle driving behaviors such as following distance, critical distance, and lane departures. These are all behaviors that may indicate drowsy driving or any of the primary types of distracted driving.

The combination of machine vision and advanced analytics tracks the road ahead, lane markings, and positions of other vehicles to gather information about the driver’s location, actions, and vehicle movements to give you contextual insight into what happened on the road and why.

How Can This Help Your Fleet?

Let’s say one of your drivers begins to slowly drift in and out of his lane, but isn’t showing signs of erratic driving. The ActiveVision advanced risk detection technology can trigger an in-vehicle alert that can help the driver correct the behavior as it’s happening. It can also capture video of the event that can be used in a coaching session that can help the driver’s awareness of safe driving habits and behaviors.

For information on how Lytx can help you to safeguard your fleet against drowsy and distracted driving – contact us today

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