Waste Connections Uses Video Evidence to Help Protect Their Reputation

Corporate Safety and Risk Manager, Damon Tofte, of Waste Connections discusses the importance of maintaining a strong reputation in your industry and the communities you serve. His story outlines how Lytx systems provide video that can be used to both exonerate his employees and confirm his drivers are hitting company goals. His interview is transcribed below:

"Reputation is very important to our business. We build ourselves, we pride ourselves on the reputation we have in our industry and with the communities we serve. And with that, comes responsibility to maintain that reputation.

We have about 10,000 trucks on the streets and we know that our drivers are professionals on the streets. And, with this video technology, we can just confirm that's exactly what is happening.

We love the fact that the system has over 100 hours of recording capabilities so that we can literally go back in time. For us, when that value comes in is when we need customer service verification. A customer may call in and say, 'Hey you missed my trash.' Then, we can literally go back into the self-serve and online system and pinpoint when our driver was servicing that block, servicing that house, or servicing that customer. It allows us to actually look in and see that timeframe and say, 'customer, we were on your street and you didn’t have your trash out.'

When we talk about exoneration, we’re talking about protecting our drivers and if it’s a customer or a collision, it's just an amazing return on an investment. Lytx ABSOLUTELY helps us to reduce costs. Lytx always finds a way to add just a little more magic in everything they do." 

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