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Protecting your fleet with Lytx can reduce operating costs, limit liabilities, and maximize ROI. What are you waiting for? 

The road... you live it everyday. Whether by highways or byways, it runs deep in your veins. From cargo and passengers to fleets and timetables, we're leveraging data to help you reduce operating costs, limit liabilities and maximize ROI. And even when it feels like its just us and the road... you can never see absolutely everything!

It's no accident we're here because protecting your investment begins with the strength that stands behind, empowers, and drives you. To understand and even predict what the future holds... learning and growing... training and preparing for what tomorrow brings... It's bigger than just one person, this takes a team... a fleet.

This is more than just our job, it's our mission. To protect and guard the lives of many who may never know our name, but will always benefit from our work.

Discover the right solution to protect your fleet.

TRUE Innovation
TRUE Innovation

This is our lab where we developed 75 patents, invested $50 million in R&D, so you can protect them.

Integrating Telematics Technologies to See the Bigger Picture
Integrating Telematics Technologies to See the Bigger Picture

Discover how to get your fleet management process run more efficiently by seeing the entire picture.