Top 12 Features Released in the Last 12 Months


new Lytx product features

With the arrival of spring, many businesses take the opportunity to reassess and refresh their technologies. At Lytx, we're always adding new features and capabilities to our products to help meet the changing needs of the industries we serve.

Take a look at these newer enhancements and see how they can help you improve and grow your business.


1. Powerful Capabilities with the New SF300 Event Recorder

The new Lytx DriveCam® SF-Series Event Recorder, the SF300, is our most powerful device to date. It adds continual recording, live streaming, and the ability to connect to auxiliary cameras, including side and rear-facing cameras. It also has enhanced machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI) capabilities to provide an expanded view of risk in and around your fleet.  Here’s a handy comparison of SF300 and DC3P, as well as a summary of five key features of the new hardware and how you leverage them.


2. Distracted Driving Detection

Detect distracted driving when it happens with new machine vision and artificial intelligence algorithms used by the SF300 Event Recorder. Our new MV+AI algorithms can help detect and capture driving distractions, including cellphone use, smoking, and eating and drinking in real time. This augments our existing MV+AI road-facing triggers, including lane departure, following distance, critical distance and rolling stops. With MV+AI both inside the cab and outside, you’ll get a more comprehensive view of distracted driving in your fleet so that you can take action to quickly mitigate its impact on your business.


3. Seat Belt Detection

With the SF300 Event Recorder, our MV+AI algorithms can now detect whether drivers are wearing their seat belts, regardless of the speed they are driving. You’ll be able to get greater visibility into seat belt compliance, helping you keep your drivers on track with this potentially life-saving step and in compliance with state seatbelt laws.


4. Lytx and Geotab Integration

Clients of Lytx and Geotab can now combine best-in-class video with best-in-class telematics to get world class fleet management support. See how this new integration allows subscribers to view Lytx video directly in the Geotab platform. Using single sign-on, you can click points on the Geotab map and see the associated video. This is available to those who have DriveCam SF-Series devices, such as the SF300. This new integration adds convenience and workflow efficiency for fleet managers who can now get the information they need at a glance.


5. Lytx Badge Driver ID

Know which drivers are driving each vehicle and see their activity with our new driver ID badge solution. Quickly identify who’s driving without installing additional equipment. See how this built-in driver ID solution allows fleet managers to create unique, scannable QR codes for drivers within their Lytx account. When the vehicle powers on, the SF300 activates and can prompt the driver to scan their Lytx Badge before starting their route, helping you get a better understanding of your drivers’ locations at any given time, as well as providing you with information you need to build individualized coaching plans to improve each driver’s performance.


6. Support Center Resources

The Lytx Support Center is a single stop for all your training tools, how-to articles, and support requests to help you get the most of your Lytx program. Articles about MV+AI and recorded webinars about how to re-energize your safety program are just a few of the popular content items in our revamped Support Center. Get the support, help, and insights you need by clicking the “Support” button on your Lytx account.


7. Map Search

Now more than ever, fleets need fast access to information in order to provide higher levels of customer service. With map search, you can find the video you need by date, timeframe, and address for all your vehicles. It’s now easier to get proof of delivery time and look into 800-driving complaints. Available for customers on the SF-Series Event Recorders with continual recording enabled. See how it works!


8. Positive Recognition

Watch how you can easily recognize drivers by event as well as overall performance. The system tracks recognition history and generates certificates to enable the social side of positive recognition, including usage at team meetings, driver banquets, and other appreciation events. Recognizing drivers can be an effective way of increasing driver retention and improving your fleet’s overall risk profile.


9. Closest Vehicle by Location

Customers with the Fleet Tracking service are able to search vehicles on the map based on location. This feature is designed to help improve dispatch workflow for finding vehicles that would be in closest proximity to a service job.


10. Fleet Data Insight Enhancements

Fleet Tracking customers can access vehicle metrics around fuel consumption, odometer distance traveled, power take off, and idling via the Fleet Data Insight metrics. Optimize your fleet operations with quick insights on vehicle usage and how fuel is consumed in your fleet. These metrics are available with ECM connectivity via J1939 or OBD-II.


11. Play on Hover

Expedite your workflow by simply hovering over the event ID in your library within your Lytx account to view event footage – no need to click through. This feature, one of the most frequently requested by Lytx clients, is great when you’re short on time and just need a quick view.


12. New Insights on the Lytx Dashboard

A suite of new reports – including the Device Health Report, Coaches Report, and Open Tasks Report – help you see what matters to you at a glance. Plus, view your dashboard data by date range, giving you the flexibility to zoom into the precise timeframe and allowing you to get the insights you need, right when you need them.


These are just some of the features and updates we’ve released in the last 12 months. What will the next 12 months yield? In our next installment, we’ll give you the rundown of the sneak peek that Jim Brady, Lytx’s vice president of product, and Kristin Costas, director of product management, gave to attendees at this year’s User Group Conference.

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