A New Lytx Account Experience

Rebuilt and redesigned, your account interface has been upgraded to give you a better experience.

We know you rely on Lytx to help manage your fleet and protect your drivers. We take that responsibility seriously and are always trying to improve our products to ensure our customers have the most powerful technology at their fingertips. That’s why we’ve been hard at work updating your Lytx account to make it more intuitive and user friendly—we want you to have the tools to get more done, faster and with less effort.

Over the past year, we’ve been using customer feedback to redesign and test our new platform in order to create a better Lytx experience. Your account now has an entirely different look and feel, in order to give you better visibility into your fleet and find new ways to drive increased efficiency. All of your favorite features and functionality are still there, plus you have mobile access from any browser, a consolidated workspace, customizable insights, and so much more.

Take a look for yourself. Below are before and after snapshots of your account, including the benefits you’ll experience with our upgraded platform.


Dashboard → Home Dashboard

With the redesign, you’ll see your new Dashboard page immediately after logging in. Tasks and key metrics are all presented in a clean, organized interface that make it easier to take action and see trends. Your most important information is presented at a glance and you can access additional details, faster than ever. Need more details? Simply click on any of the blue hyperlinks to dig deeper.  You can also come back to the dashboard by clicking on “Home” in the top-left navigation.


Coaching Tasks

Moving from the center to the left navigation, you can find your Tasks that are categorized with counts. Your Coaching Tasks are now bundled by driver and listed in priority order. You can choose to coach by event or by bundle, as well as see the date coaching sessions are due (or overdue), so you stay on track and address events promptly.


Reports Insights

Reports have been simplified and migrated into the new Insights tab. You can manipulate and interact with the data, see color-coded trends, apply filters and sort—all directly within your account. Any metrics in blue are clickable, leading you to additional details and context. Plus, when you download an Insight report, any customization you created will be retained in the file, making it simple to pull information from your Lytx program and share it with stakeholders or save it to external drives.

NEW Library

One of the new additions you’ll see in your account is the Library, including the Events list and Coaching History. The Events list can be sorted or filtered, and you can search for any Event ID, Driver, Vehicle or Device to find what you need. For instance, to see only manual events tagged by the driver, simply select “Driver Tagged” from the Triggers drop-down. If you only want to see Collisions or Possible Collisions, select those options in the Behavior drop-down. Also, hover on an Event ID in this view to preview the video clip before clicking into any event. The other page under Library shows you Coaching History for visibility. This data can also be sorted or filtered to your preferences, and you can search for any Coach, Driver or Session ID for quick access. Overall, the Library gives you the flexibility to determine what you wish to see, helping you improve your processes.

Lytx account desktop


NEW Support

Go to the brand-new Support Center under the Menu in the top-right corner for all of your customer help needs. You can submit requests for technical support and find training tools like how-to articles, tutorial videos, and learning plans. Best practices and step-by-step instructions are searchable to easily find what you need, when you need it.


Everything You Need, in One Place

Each new feature is designed to help you improve fleet productivity and safety. And it’s easier than ever to manage everything because all of your tools have been consolidated into a single workspace…accessible on the go from any mobile device and any major browser.

Customers can log in and start using the redesigned experience and additional functionality today! Try it now.

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