Nations Roof LLC - Case Study

Since 2004, Nations Roof has provided the American commercial roofing industry with quality workmanship, award-winning safety standards, exceptional customer service, and competitive prices. 



Nations Roof wanted to limit costs incurred by claims and collisions, while also gaining more visibility into driving performance. 



  • Nations Roof chose the Lytx® Driver Safety Program to gain the ability to connect video and fleet-tracking services, identifying actionable events for safety improvement.
  • Nations Roof uses the Driver Safety Program to gain compliance with company policy and procedures, including implementing a technician driving training method. 


“We saw change immediately after the installation of the Lytx DriveCam.”


Director, Nations Roof LLC



  • After putting the Driver Safety Program in play, Nations Roof has been able to exonerate itself from false claims.
  • The company has used the technology to successfully identify risky behavior and linked quality of driving with quality of overall job performance.
  • Increasing employee morale and reducing turnover has been the most positive result experienced by Nations Roof.  Employee productivity has increased by 9%.
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