Lytx ELD Service



Fleet safety gets smarter and simpler with an upgrade to the SF300. With the Lytx DriveCam®️ SF300 event recorder, you will be able to configure your safety program to include Lytx ELD Service (including streamlining Hours of Service and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting), live streaming, continual recording, and MV+AI all built into a single device, saving you time and money.

By taking the step to upgrade your Lytx event recorder you’re committing to a safer, more efficient fleet while consolidating in-cab hardware, vendors and increasing company productivity. Help your drivers simplify compliance, unlock expanded visibility, and keep pace with the inevitable 3G shutdown.

Realize these benefits, and more by upgrading today:

  • 4G LTE connectivity
  • Driver-powered safety
  • Lytx ELD Service compatible
  • MV+AI inside view triggers, road-facing triggers, and real-time in-cab audio alerts*
  • Enhanced video quality
  • Continual recording (DVR)
  • Live streaming
  • Increased productivity and efficiency

To start your upgrade, contact 

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