Coaching Best Practices

Managing drivers and their safety is not keep these 4 tips in mind to help build a best-in-class coaching program. 

1) Practice continuous versus intermittent training. First, intermittent training only addresses behaviors occasionally. But, Continuously developing safe and productive driving behaviors can change habits... for good. 

2) Share the importance of being safe and not just taking risks. Safe driving keeps business moving and keeps So instead of focusing on when a driver took a risk...use the videos to teach increased awareness, safe driving practices, and the skills needed to be an overall better, safer driver. 

3) Making good driving habitual. Good driving is all about habit. Work with your drivers to develop new habits to replace the unsafe ones. Assign them exercises to practice so after a while they become natural behaviors. 

4) Continuous, ongoing engagement with recognition. Finally, give engage your drivers with an ongoing recognition program. Incentive programs can help motivate drivers to be safer. Whether it’s getting to see their names on the “safest drivers” list or being acknowledged at an awards breakfast...recognition leads to better and continued results to help keep your business running safely and smoothly for the long haul.

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