Wheelz Up, LLC - Case Study

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Wheelz Up is a comprehensive courier service focused on the automotive industry.



Wheelz Up needed real-time tracking of employees and vehicles to improve safety practices and lower insurance claims.



  • Wheelz Up selected the Lytx® Driver Safety Program due to its affordability and ease of implementation.
  • Wheelz Up uses the interconnected telematics and fleet-tracking services to improve safety behavior in several ways: driving training, driver coaching, setting performance standards, and issue identification.


“[Lytx® Driver Safety Program] price and customer service is tops.”


CEO, Wheelz Up, LLC



  • After implementing the Driver Safety Program, Wheelz Up was able to gain driver buy-in and increased productivity by over 50%.
  • With insight into risky driving behavior such as distracted driving, traffic violations, and speeding, Wheelz Up was able to target specific safety issues and improve overall fleet performance.
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Next-Generation Telematics: Powered by Video

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