Sunstate Equipment - Case Study

Construction Lytx Case Study Sunstate Equipment

Operating in nine states, Sunstate Equipment has provided construction, industrial, and special-event companies with top-quality construction rental equipment and tools since 1977.



Sunstate Equipment didn’t know what was causing collisions or increasing risks (and therefore cost) for the company.



  • Sunstate Equipment used the Lytx® Driver Safety Program to develop a structured training process for its technicians that emphasized safety best practices and coaching opportunities.
  • Sunstate Equipment leverages the video technology to identify problem behaviors—such as use of mobile devices, speeding, road rage, and traffic violations—and to determine what happened at the time of a collision or incident.


“We had no visibility into what driving behaviors were causing our accidents and near misses.”


Safety Manager, Sunstate Equipment



  • After implementing the Driver Safety Program, Sunstate Equipment was able to coach technicians out of risky behaviors, improving driving performance and safety scores.
  • The company saw a noticeable reduction in collisions and also was able to achieve exoneration from false claims, which protects fleet vehicles and finances.
  • Sunstate Equipment successfully leveraged Lytx video telematics to increase employee productivity by an incredible 40-50%.
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