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A Message from Brandon Nixon, Lytx Chairman and CEO

2020 was a year nobody saw coming. Throughout the year, we were all faced with incredible challenges that forced us to learn to be flexible and adaptable in ways we never knew existed.

The global transportation industry demonstrated just how important its role is by stepping up at critical moments in 2020 to ensure medical supplies, food, and vaccines were delivered when and where they were needed. Our industry also made sure people were able to go to work, see their doctors, and receive the essential services they needed. For all that to happen, fleets had to execute with swiftness and scale to meet historic challenges.

At Lytx, we recognized the pressures our clients faced and placed our priorities on helping both drivers and fleet managers improve their operational efficiency and safety, so fleets could adapt and excel in the face of rapid change and uncertainty.

While 2020 wasn’t quite the kickoff to the new decade we had hoped, it didn’t stop the Lytx team from making it a year of innovation. 

Last year, we focused our energies on expanding Machine Vision + Artificial Intelligence technologies.  We introduced new features including audible alerts that empower drivers to self-correct in the moment, so they learn to make safer decisions without the need for a coaching session.

We have always prided ourselves on building solutions based on the feedback from our clients and partners.  And 2020 was no different.  Based on this feedback, we are currently focused on making our solutions even more configurable and customizable to better suit the individual and unique needs of each fleet.

As we look at 2021 and what’s out in front of us, we're excited to continue our journey building technology solutions that enable our clients to improve fleet safety and operational efficiency with customizable solutions.  

We’re eager to continue to raise the bar so you can take your companies to entirely new levels.

We can’t wait to show you what’s next from Lytx and continue this journey together.