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Top 2021 Releases

Lytx Dash cam

In 2021, Lytx® continued to innovate and released several enhancements, products, and features for our customers. From providing customized reports to helping drivers stay in compliance, we strive to help fleet managers and drivers do their jobs safely, efficiently, and profitably. Here are some features that were released in 2021 that can help power your fleet in 2022 and beyond:



Self-service insights

As a fleet manager, you need to be able to access your reports anytime, anywhere, while you’re on the go. You can now leverage a suite of enhanced customizable reports to help you track safety and performance metrics.

Compare safety performance

Measure a driver’s performance relative to others in your fleet by reviewing driver scores and continual behaviors. With the Driver Safety Program or Risk Detection Service, you can customize your Drivers Report by group, date range, and behavior filters.

Track performance and health

You now can subscribe to the weekly Insights Summary report to access Risk Detection Service or Driver Safety Program details right from your inbox. With visual trends on the duration reporting graph, these insights offer greater awareness of what is happening in your fleet.

A menu of customizable, self-service reports can help give you access to critical data. These new reports include:

Suspected-collision notifications ­– Know right away if there’s a possible collision involving one of your vehicles. We introduced an artificial intelligence model that captures suspected collisions. You can set up text or email notifications to be sent to you when it matters most.

Insight summary emails – Set up notifications for event behavior, event score, geofence trigger violation, or suspected collision. When you’re alerted to critical issues in real-time, you can manage them faster.1

Service and coaching data ­– Gain greater visibility and help track driver risk profiles over time with the following reports:

  • Overdue for check-in – Monitor when devices are due for check-in. Use the CSV file to segment and sort your information so you can see which devices are not checking in and get them back to good operating order.
  • Power disconnect – Know when devices experience a power disconnect. This report can alert you to the need to analyze trends and root causes using a CSV file.
  • Overdue for coaching – See when events are overdue for coaching and which coaches are having difficulty staying on schedule.
  • Insights Summary Report – Track the performance and health of your drivers and fleet with weekly emailed reports.  

Lytx Intel Portal ­­– Customers who want to compare their fleet safety performance with their peers can do so using the recently launched Lytx Intel Portal. This self-serve reporting portal is a complimentary feature that provides collision benchmark trends and industry maps for reviewing collision data and planning safer routes at safer times.


Lytx Dash cam


Safety user interface enhancements

Your Lytx Account is where you go to help see your driver and coach activities, understand where risk may be, and run reports to get fleet updates. Throughout 2021, we worked to improve the insight reporting based on feedback from our clients.

Recent dashboard and report enhancements include:

Alert Summary – On the Drivers Profile, use the Alerts tab to see counts and trends immediately. With audio alerts enabled on Lytx DriveCam® SF-Series Devices, you can automatically access road-view and in-cab behaviors, such as the use of following distance, lane departure, handheld devices, and inattentive behavior.

Driver Report enhancements ­– On the Dashboard, Drivers Report, and Driver Profile, quickly see a 30-day snapshot of driver performance, riskiest drivers by score, and the top, repeating behaviors.

Streamlined video controls – In Video Browse and the Video Player, you can now select which camera views to display, save, download, and remove with intuitive icons.


Lytx Dash cam


Fleet management tools

We introduced features to help ensure that your fleet is running as smooth as possible, that your powered assets are where they’re supposed to be, and that your vehicles are easy to track.

Preventative Maintenance ­– Proactively maintain vehicles to avoid costly downtime and extend the life of these expensive assets. When you have the enabling cable, Preventative Maintenance and DTCs, are available for use in the Fleet Tracking application.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) ­– Get the information you need to help keep your trucks running smoothly. Use the dashboard for an up-to-date view of active codes, receive notifications via email, and share CSV files with maintenance teams. This new feature is now available for light-duty vehicles and is coming soon for heavy-duty vehicles.

Asset Tracking Service – You can see all your powered assets and vehicles on one convenient map for easy, streamlined management.

Fleet Tracking – Gain an inclusive view of your fleet by bringing your fleet tracking, fleet management, and video together with these new releases:

  • Use Video Browse to locate your fleet vehicles, obtain proof of service or delivery, and observe employee compliance.
  • View up to thousands of vehicles at a time on the Fleet Tracking map. Its search and find capabilities help you quickly find what you need.
  • View real-time vehicle locations and receive notifications when a vehicle enters or exits a designated area with Fleet Tracking Geofences.

Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Service – The Lytx ELD Service lets you efficiently manage and record hours of service (HOS) status and complete driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR) electronically. It helps you save time and money, meet federal regulations, keep your fleets productive and your drivers safe. While a solution for light-duty vehicles is in the development.


Lytx Dash cam


Easy-to-use driver tools

Empowering drivers with tools to help them improve their driving performance can benefit your fleet in a variety of ways, including enabling managers to focus on the drivers and tasks that need their attention most. Putting tools in the hands of the driver can also help instill greater trust and morale between them and your organization.

Lytx Driver App – Granting drivers the ability to self-review risky driving with an overview of recent trips with stats and videos from identified behaviors for improvement.

Real-time voice and tone alerts ­– Use in-cab audio alerts to help drivers self-correct in real-time by alerting them of risky driving behaviors. Inside-view triggers include no seat belt, handheld device, food and drink, smoking, inattentive, and lens obstruction. Road-view alerts include rolling stop, following distance, critical distance, lane departure, and speeding. Alerts allow drivers to take charge of correcting distractions and behaviors without manager intervention.2

Lytx ELD Service – Streamlines hours of service (HOS) and driver vehicle inspection reporting (DVIR). By leveraging the DriveCam device and its connection to the vehicle’s engine, you can manage ELD compliance along with fleet management without additional hardware.

Route Risk – Use a heat map app in your Lytx Account to see areas of interest. Plus, in the Lytx Driver App, your drivers can use it to view historically dangerous driving areas and alerts of nearby hazards.

Weekly Driver Summary – Sign up drivers to receive a weekly email showing their individual trends and rankings to help drivers track their safety performance without the need to log in to a Lytx account


Lytx Dash cam


Lytx Lab is testing new tools

Lytx Lab is a place for experimenting, where we introduce new features to solve fleet management problems. In the Lytx Account on the Lytx Lab tab and in the Lytx Driver App, we can deploy these product experiments. We collaborate with colleagues—and most importantly, with customers—to determine each feature’s value and how they can be improved through quick, iterative processes. Some of the innovations in the Lytx Lab include:

Camera ­– By integrating Lytx cameras and traffic cameras positioned throughout North America, route planners can help you see a more comprehensive picture of road conditions with approximately 200K hotspots in our network.

Parking ­– This application identifies vehicles parked on the side of a freeway, highway, or entry and exit ramp for five minutes or more. This type of parking can be hazardous and expose companies to high liability claims.

Learn more about these and other 2021 releases in the Support Center.


1 Reporting data and trends may vary based on available program data.

 2 Lytx MV+AI Technology is a driver aid only. Drivers should never wait for a warning before taking measures to avoid an accident. Lytx MV+AI distraction detection and alerting technology is designed to respect driver privacy because it does not collect, store or use any biometric identifiers or biometric information (i.e., scans of facial geometry) to detect distracted driving behaviors. See