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Annett Bus Lines - Case Study



As one of the most respected family-owned motor coach companies in North America, Annett Bus Lines has a reputation for quality, reliability, and safety. And co-owner David Annett never takes that for granted. With more than forty-five motor coaches across multiple states, knowing where its vehicles are and exactly what’s happening on the road is critical to protecting the company and its passengers and drivers. 


Annett implemented the Lytx DriveCam® safety and telematics program to improve fleet accountability, reduce risky driving behaviors, and increase visibility into how drivers perform when incidents occur. With DriveCam® video clips, Annett is able to identify the causes of driving incidents and coach drivers who demonstrated risky driving behavior. The DriveCam program helped provide the company with the comfort that comes with knowing the truth. Annett drivers view DriveCam event recorders as driving companions that help keep them and their passengers safe. And when they do everything right, they now have video to help prove it.

"I actually feel the DriveCam program helps me sleep better at night, because if something happens, I'll know exactly what occured. The video speaks for itself."

DAVID ANNETT Co-owner, Annett Bus Lines


  • 84% reduction in cellular phone use while driving
  • 61% fewer traffic violations
  • 58% reduction in event severity

Using the Driver Safety Program along with coaching, positive driver recognition, and continued education programs has enabled Annett to become among the safest fleets in the industry: they’ve maintained the highest DoD (Department of Defense) rating through two bi-annual inspections and the highest United States DOT (Department of Transportation) rating through a recent focused compliance review.