12 Days of Takeaways

12 Days of Takeaways

As we bid adieu to 2017, we combed through our Driving Perspective blog and Best Fleet Forward newsletter for some of 2017’s best takeaways, as expressed in the words of Lytx clients and industry contacts. Touching on everything from the impact of Lytx Video Services to the value of driver rewards programs, here are some of our favorites:

  1. "The real success comes at the intersection of technology used with appropriate leadership. That is exponentially more powerful than an overabundance of technology that isn’t properly used, or leadership that is extremely strong, but doesn’t have the right data feeding into it.”

    — Ron Mittelstaedt, chief executive of Waste Connections Inc., during his keynote at this year’s Lytx User Group Conference

  2. “You have to paint the picture for the jury. You have to put the jury in the driver’s seat so they have the ability to re-live that accident. No two witnesses have the same story. The more witnesses you have, the more blanks you can fill in for the jury. The more gaps in the story you can fill, the better off you will be.”

    — Gene Zipperle, an attorney with Ward, Hocker & Thornton, on the use of witnesses in trials

  3. “When you have a fear-based culture, no accountability system will work. It’s crucial that you have an environment that allows people to be vulnerable.”

    — Scott Paine, organizational psychologist, on the value of holding employees accountable in positive ways

  4. “Recognize your drivers and coaches often. A little goes a long way.”

    — Jose Ortega, corporate vehicle safety manager at Foster Poultry Farms, on the value of rewards programs

  5. “We can literally go back in time to show what happened. A customer might call and say, ‘You missed my trash.’ But with the Lytx Video Services program, we can go back, look at the video, and pinpoint the exact time when our driver serviced that house. It allows us to actually see that time frame and say, ‘We were at your house. You didn't have your trash out.’”

    — Damon Tofte, corporate safety and risk manager at Waste Connections, on the impact Lytx Video Services had on their business

  6. “There is a fine line between the well-trained, confident driver and the over-confident, overly aggressive driver. I see my assignment as identifying and correcting challenges before they become issues. Continuous training helps make that possible.”

    Lytx 2017 Coach of the Year Billy Roach, the district chief of health and safety for the Mobile, Ala., Fire-Rescue Department, on the difference continuous training makes

  7. “Forty percent of workplace fatalities today are occurring on the road – why do we accept them? We have railroad safety, airline safety – why not road safety?”

    — NSC President and CEO Deborah Hersman, on the slow and steady acceptance that’s numbed society’s ability to recognize that 35,000 traffic fatalities are unacceptable.

  8. “In areas where there’s a lot of competition, such as transportation, you want people to consider you and, ultimately, pick you. You want your brand to stand out in ways other than price, because price is not a sustainable differentiator. There will always be someone who can undercut you.”

    — Denise Lee Yohn, consultant and author of the book What Great Brands Do.

  9. “It needs to be heartfelt. Don’t just give people stuff. Tell them why they are getting it. Tell them how much you appreciate what they do. Show them you respect the work that they perform and the extra efforts they made. Without meaning, it’s just stuff.”

    — Kristin A. Danner of the City of Kansas City, Mo., on how to do rewards programs right

  10. “Back then, it was harder to make the right decision. Now, the video tells the tale.”

    — DeCrescente’s Ray Cordani, who started with the company as a driver 29 years ago, on the value of an inward-facing lens

  11. “I can go straight to the part of the footage that shows triggered events. I don’t have to go hunting through hours of footage. I don’t even have to wait for the bus to come back to the yard. Before, we’d do driver coaching maybe five times a month. Now we coach as much as five times a day.”

    — David Butcher, vice president of safety at GO Riteway, on how Lytx improved efficiency at the company

  12. “From what I’ve seen, the fleets that are at the forefront of technology tend to be the safest fleets.”

    — Daniel Grant, director of safety services, transportation for Sentry Insurance, on what it might take for fleets to reach zero collisions

Tune in tomorrow for the next important takeaway.

We’re looking forward to more takeaways in 2018!

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