Product Innovation Update 4Q20

November 4, 2020

Get an overview of the latest features and updates to the Lytx product portfolio from the Lytx product marketing team:

  • Driver alerts (1:38) -  real-time alerts for distraction, seat belt, speeding, following distance, lane departure, and more risky driving behaviors.
  • Manager tools (6:15) - view duration and percentage of time a driver was engaged in a risky behavior.
  • Risk ID without recording (7:08) - manage distracted driving while respecting driver privacy

Fleet tracking features:

  • New fleet tracking service map (8:50)
  • Improved editing and performance in geofences (10:12)
  • Fleet Tracking Vehicle Labels (11:37)
  • Idle Violation details (12:55)


  • The Lytx + Idelic Integration (13:50)

Driver Safety Program Update:

  • Custom Behavior Scores (16:00)
  • Sharing Events (16:40)

For any questions about these features, please contact your account representative.

The Lytx Integration Network
The Lytx Integration Network

Find out how Lytx can seamlessly integrate with your other fleet maintenance and vehicle technologies.

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